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Education is a fundamental human right.Every child is entitled to it. It is critical to our development as individuals and as societies, and it helps pave the way to a successful and productive future. When we ensure that children have access to a rights-based, quality education that is rooted in gender equality, we create a ripple effect of opportunity that impacts generations to come.

In this district there are many educational institute. There are two universities. Namely Lalit Narayan Mithila University and another one is Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University. The jurisdiction of second one university is all over Bihar as well as Jharkhad. The details are as follows:


Educational Institutions/University
SL Particulars Numbers
1 2 3
1. University 2
2. General College(Constituent) 17
3. Sanskrit College(Constituent) 5
4. General College (Affiliated) 26
5. Sanskrit College (Affilated)  
6. Postal Training School 1
7. Nurses Training School 1
8. Degree Label Teacher Training College 1
9. Diploma Label Teacher Training College 1
10. Medical College (DMCH) 1
11. Government Polytechnic College 1
12. Industrical Training Institute (ITI) 1
13. Dental College (Private) 4
14. Kendriya Vidyalaya 1
15. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya 1
16. High School 70
17. Middle School 312
18. Primary School 1165
19. Charwaha Vidyalaya 4
20. TBDC Training Centre Darbhanga 1
21. MRM Aurvedic College, Darbhanga 1
  22. Darbhanga Research Institute Darbhanga 1
  23. Woman Institute Of Technology Darbhanga 1
  24. Darbhanga College Of Engineering Darbhanga 1


L. N. Mithila University

It was established on 7 August, 1972 at Sara Mohanpur, Darbhanga by dividing the Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar Universith (then Bihar University), Muzaffarpur in the premises of MRM Aurvedic College. In 1975 this has shifted in the building of Darbhanga Raj.

Darbhanga Raj has made this building for his own head office. Later on this University is know as L.N. Mithila University.

The universities maximum department is running in the famous Nargauna Palace. This building is also known as Kalyanai Parisar.

Nargauna Palace is Earthquake Proof building. The whole university campus is tourist place. Many foreigners come and enjoy it.

Dr. Madneshwar Mishra was the first vice-chancellor of this university. The present vice-chancellor of this university is Dr. Rajmani Prasad Sinha. This University has 21 Post Graduate Departments and on very rich library namely Central Library.Its Website is

List of Constituent Colleges
SL Name of the College
1. C.M.Sc College, Darbhanga
2. C.M. College, Darbhanga
3. Marwari College, Darbhanga
4. Millat College, Darbhanga
5. M.R.M. College, Darbhanga
6. K.S. College, Darbhanga
7. M.K. College, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga
8. M.L.S.M. College, Darbhanga
9. M.K.S. College, Darbhanga
10. B.M.A. College, Baheri
11. J.N.College, Nehra
12. J.K. College, Biraul
13. C.M. Law College, Darbhanga
14. R.K. College, Madhubani
15. J.N. College, Madhubani
16. B.M. College, Rahika
17. R.N. College, Pandaul
18. L.N.J. College, Jhajhanpur
19. V.S.J. College, Rajnagar
20. C.M.B. College, Deorh
21. M.L.S. College, Sarisopahi
 22. D.B. College, Jainagar
SL Name of the College
23. C.M.J. College, Donbarihat
24. J.M.D.P.L. College, Madhubani
25. K.V.Sc. College, Uchchaith
26. H.P.S. College, Madhepur
27. Samastipur College Samastipur
28. B.R.B. College, Samastipur
29. R.N.A.R. College, Samastipur
30. Women's College, Samastipur
31. A.N.D. College, Sahpur Patory
32. R.B. College, Dalsinghsarai
33. U.P. College, Pusa
34. D.B.K.N. College, Narhan
35. Dr. L.K.V.D. College, Tajpur
36. G.M.R.D. College, Mohanpur
37. R.B.S. College, Andaur
38. G.D. College, Begusarai
39. Co-operative College, Begusarai
40. S.K.M. College, Begusarai
41. A.P.S.M. College,Barauni
42. R.C.S. College, Manjhaul
 43. M.K.S. College, Trimuhan


Teacher Training Colleges
SL Name of College
 1. Dr. Zakir Husain Teacher Training College, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga 
 2. Rajkiya Primary Teacher Training College, Madhopatti, Darbhanga
 3. Govt. Primary Training Mahila College, Darbhanga
Dental College and Hospital
SL Name of College and Hospital
 1. Saryug Dental College, Darbhanga.
 2. Mithila Minority Dental College, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga.


Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University

In the main secretariat of Laxmishwar Vilash Prasada at Anand bag Darbhanga Sanskrit University building was established in 1961. A great lerned Mahamhopadhyay Dr. Umesh Misra was the first Vice Chancellor of this University. Nearly 5500 rare manuscripts on Epic, Philosophy, Vyakaran, Dharmashastra, Agam-Tantra etc. the few manuscripts of Vidyapati, Mahesh Thakur in there own scripts are prisurved in the University.

The post Graduate Department is corporated with the Veda, the Vyakarna, the Dharma Shastra, the Darshana, the Jyotish & the Sahitya are functioning. The jurisdiction of this University covers up the whole of the Bihar. The Ramayana, the Geet Govinda with pictures besides the Durga sapt Sati contining in Argala, Keel, Kavach have been artificially painted are the most interesting amongst the manuscripts. The Durga Sapt Sati covering up a singal page to the size of a big envoelope draws our attention.

Fortunately Acharya Kishor Kulanisthe present Vice-Chancellor and the University is thus a member of Association of Indian University Grant Commission and awards the following degrees equivalent to the degree of the other University of the Bihar.Its Website Address is

Degrees Offered/Course Duration
SL Degree Duration Equivalence
1 2 3 4
1. Up-shastri 2 Years I.A.
2. Shastri (General) 3 Years B.A.
3. Shastri (Hons) 3 Years B.A. (Hons)
4. Acharya 2 Years M.A.
5. Vidya-Varidhi 2~5 Years Ph.D.
6. Vidya Vachaspati 2~5 Years D.Lit.


It also awards B.A.M.S (Ayurvedacharya) recognized as Bachelor in Medicine by the Government of India. It also conducts Refresher courses with the grants availed by the University Grant Commission. 31-Constituent College, 31-Affiliated and 15 Upshastri colleges are managed and maintained by the University on grants availed by the Government of Bihar, also there are un added colleges among Degree colleges 16 are registered under 2(F) of the U.G.C. act and are availing developments grants from the U.G.C.

The University contains in the Publication Departments by which the Almanac in the name of "Vishavidyalaya Panchang" together with more than 100 valuable and rare books. The Central Library of this University is rich with the store of books on Sanskrit and different language amounting to more than a lac.

Status of Schools

There are only 4 Primary Schools per 10000 populations in the district. Besides these there are different private schools and institutions imparting educational facilities according to their own standards.

The district has been covered under the District Primary Education Programme (DPEM) run by the Bihar Educational Project Council. At present it is for the period of 2003. Under BEP 175 new school buildings are proposed to be constructed. The district has also been covered under TLC and PLC programmes. Under the Total Literacy Campaign period 1995-97 against the target of 484857 people, 456715 people were made literate in which 312673 were female and 144042 were male. Government of India sponsored scheme for the education of 25 SC girl children of class one is also being implemented.


Block-wise Primary and Middle Schools
SL Educational
Block Name
No. of
Middle School
of Primary School
1 2 3 4 5
1. Darbhanga Nagar 63 36 99
2. Bahadurpur 22 77 99
3. Baheri 23 83 106
4. Darbhanga 2 19 85 104
5. Singhwara 19 91 110
6. Hayaghat 26 91 117
7. Kuseshwarasthan 15 93 108
8. Manigachhi 29 98 127
9. Jale 17 100 117
10. Biraul 18 101 119
11. Ghanshyampur 21 101 122
12. Benipur 26 103 129
 13. Keoti 14 106 120
  TOTAL 312 1,165     1,477

Mithila Research Institute, Darbhanga 

The necessity of rehabilitating and revitalizing the ancient Sanskrit Learning was ardently felt during the Congress Ministry of 1937-39 and a committee under the Presidentship of the Late Maharaja dhiraja of Darbhanga Sir Kameshwara Singhjee Bahadur, K.C.I.E, LLB., D.LITT., was appointed to devise a scheme for promoting Sanskrit Education in this state.

Through the initiative of Shri M.S.Anney, Governor of Bihar, Shri Acarya Badrinatha Verma, Minister of Education, Bihar and Shri J.C. Mathur, ICS, Secretary to the Department of Education, the matter was taken up in earnest in 1951. On the 20th October, 1951 Shri J.C.Mathur places his scheme before the Government for the establishment of the Sanskrit Research Institute in Mithila, dealing with its aims and objectives, research project, administrative structure and method of teaching. It also places emphasis on the collection and survey of rare manuscripts, laid down rules for admission of students and so forth.

It was on November 21, 1951 that the foundation stone of the Mithila Institute of Post-graduate Studies and research in Sanskrit Learning was laid by the late lamented dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of the Indian Union at Maheshanagar, Darbhanga on the 61 Bighas, 13 Katthas, 13 Dhurs and 44 Dhurkis of land donated by the late Maharajadhiraja Shri Kameshwara Singh. Thus the Mithila Research Institute was born on the 16th June, 1951 in this land of perennial light. As regard the functioning of the institute, this institute has been running under the education (HRD) department of Government of Bihar right from the date of its inception. Apart from its teaching and research faculties, the institute has been running with three significant sections:

Aims and Objects

This Institute was established with a view to promoting advanced studies and researches in various branches of Sanskrit Learning. It was intended to serve as the meeting ground of the modern researchers and the traditional Sanskrit scholars, so that while the former might get an opportunity to dive deep into the original Sanskrit Tests, the latter might get a training in modern methods of research. The Institute stands dedicated to the task of preservation and propagation of the spiritual heritage of ancient India.

Scope and Principal Features

This is a residential Institute and so all the students and the members of the staff reside in its premises. The Institute prepares the selected students for the degrees of Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Literature, which are awarded by the L.N.Mithila University, Darbhanga. All the scholars are required to be present in the premises of the Institute during working hours. They cannot leave the station without obtaining the previous permission of the Director.

Click here to see list of important publications by MRI, Darbhanga


Postal Training Centre

Postal Training Centre, Darbhanga started functioning in the Bela Palace from 12th July 1966.The palace was constructed after the disastrous earthquake of 1934 by Maharajadhiraj Kameshwar Singh for his younger brother Raja Bahadur Visheshwar Singh. The Palace and the surrounding land measuring about 65 acres was purchased from him by P & T Department.

This is one of the five Postal training centers in India. Darbhanga Postal training center caters to the training needs of Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, North Eastern, Orissa and West Bengal Circles. North-East Postal Circles consists of Arunanchal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura States. West Bengal Postal Circles includes Sikkim and Andaman Nicobar Island.

In addition to imparting Induction Training to Postal Assistants and Sorting Assistants, Inspector of Post Offices and Railway Mail Service, this residential training center conducts Refresher Courses for Savings Bank Clerks and Supervisors, Postal Assistants and TBOP/BCR, Sorting Assistants and TBOP/BCR, Assistant Supdt., Inspector of Post Offices and RMS, computer Training for Postal Assistant, Sorting Assistants and Supervisors from Postal/RMS and many other special courses.

Seats are allotted to the feeder circles depending upon their requirement and keeping in view the target prescribed by the department.

Post Offices

There are 2 GPOs, 44 Sub-Post offices and 308 branch post offices in the district. There is also a Postal Training Centre at Darbhanga. Block wise distribution of branch post offices are as follows:-

Block-wise Distribution of Post-Offices
SL Block Name No. of
1. Darbhanga 31
2. Bahadurpur 38
3. Keoti 38
4. Singhwara 22
5. Jale 33
6. Hayaghat 16
7. Manigachhi 33
8. Hanuman Nagar -
9. Tardih -
10. Baheri 15
11. Benipur 37
12. Alinagar 9
13. Biraul 22
14. Gaura Bauram 1
15. Kiratpur 0
16. Ghanshyampur 13
17. Kuseshwarasthan -
18. Kuseshwarasthan (E) -
  Total 308